Carbon Offset 

Everyone has a carbon footprint which can be only reduced to some extent. Every time we cook, we produce carbon dioxide. We can’t stop cooking altogether but can find improved stoves, which can result in reduced carbon dioxide emission. Similarly, we can all reduce our carbon footprint by using a bus rather than our car. Thus, carbon footprints can only be reduced but cannot be terminated. To compensate for our carbon footprint, we can all participate in funding projects that help minimize carbon footprints worldwide. In short, carbon offset is a method by which you can fund projects worldwide to compensate for your own carbon footprint.

Various Carbon offset projects

There are numerous projects all over the world which can help in carbon offsetting. All of these projects focus on two methods of carbon offsetting: –

  • Removing carbon entirely (such as tree plantations, capturing or storing carbon)
  • Reducing carbon emissions (technology usage for innovative ideas such as electric stoves, etc., creating new renewable sources such as solar panels etc.)


There are countless benefits of carbon offsetting. It is important to remember that carbon offsetting will help us and our future generations. A few of the benefits are: –

  • Provides enormous and impactful benefits in stopping global warming.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint and helping others to reduce their carbon footprint as well.
  • Helps in increasing the economic conditions of people.
  • Genuine and long-lasting projects that wouldn’t have been viable without funding.
  • Plantation done as part of carbon offsetting today will eventually benefit our generations and increase animal habitat.
  • Projects provide intermediate technology to under-developed or developing countries.
  • Saves the time, energy, and lives of many people. This is done due to improvements in the lifestyle of people by using inverters etc.


Although carbon offsetting has numerous benefits, it also has few drawbacks. Few of which are:-

  • Avoiding the real problem – we all need to reduce our carbon footprint individually as well as collectively. When people choose carbon offsetting, they only focus on compensating instead of reducing their own footprint.
  • Some projects are long term. The harm done today cannot be restored in the long run. Such as trees will take 20-25 years to grow. Who knows how much damage to the ozone layer will be done and how many glaciers will be melted by that time.
  • Damage done to the environment cannot be quantifiable with money. It is beyond money.

We all know that everything has a positive and negative side, but we need to measure which side is more beneficial. For me, I think Carbon offsetting needs to be done in our country. Along with offsetting, we need to focus on reducing our own footprint. This will help us to improve not only our air quality but also economic and social conditions. Carbon offsetting is indeed, one of the ways which can tackle our climate change issue. If each of us plays their part, we can all reduce our carbon footprint. Carbon offsetting reduces carbon footprint.