Can I stream WWE's "Royal Rumble" for free on Peacock?

Can I stream WWE’s “Royal Rumble” for free on Peacock?

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The fight between Bobby Lachery and Brock Lesnar happened last night.

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In WWE’s Royal Rumble match format, 30 contenders enter the ring one at a time. The only rule is that if the top person is thrown over his rope and both feet touch the ground outside the ring, he is out. This year’s event was packed with crowd favorites, from Brock his Lesnar to Roman Reigns, but the results surprised many. The actual event happened last night, it’s streaming today on Peacock, is there a charge or is it free to watch?

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Brock Lesnar uses Undertaker to his advantage.

where to watch royal rumble for free

The Royal Rumble can be streamed on Peacock, but there’s no way to watch the event without paying.

Peacock is ad-supported and free to watch, but only for premium subscribers. Starting at $5/month or $50/year, you get access to more than just WWE events. No extra charge. Premium He will be granted access to stream the Royal Rumble as soon as he becomes a subscriber.

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There are three major events this year, including a Universal Championship title defense between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens and Women’s Champion Bianca Blair defending her title against Alexa Bliss. Following these, the Royal Rumble begins with all the chaos that follows from 30 consecutive fights.

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Mysterio suffered an injury before the Royal Rumble.

The WWE Royal Rumble will bring the spectacle fans have come to expect from a WWE match, but no one expected the outcome this year. Although Mysterio was unable to participate in the match due to injury, he still had a high-flying stunt from the top rope.


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