Callie Haverda thinks Leia could be 'more confident' (Exclusive)

Callie Haverda thinks Leia could be ‘more confident’ (Exclusive)

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Source: Netflix

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Netflix is ​​bringing viewers back to Wisconsin with That ’90s Show, the sequel to Fox’s long-running sitcom That ’70s Show. As the title suggests, the new series moves forward in 1995, but nothing has changed in the fictional town of Point Place. Red and Kitty Foreman still live in the same house, and it doesn’t take long for a new group of teenagers to break into Foreman’s basement.

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Eric and Donna’s 14-year-old daughter Leia decided to stay at Point Place for the summer in search of a little independence. Season 1 follows Leia’s life as she goes through her first love, new friendships, and weeds. But sadly, the summer is over and Leia has been forced to return to her life in Chicago. So, will Netflix renew that ’90s show for season 2?

In an exclusive interview with Distractify, Callie Haverda opened up about what Leia might do in Season 2.

Source: Netflix

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That ’90s Show Season 2 — Callie Haverda talks about Leia’s summer makeover.

Despite the massive fan base that continues to stream That ’70s Show, Netflix has yet to renew the sequel for a second season. Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I couldn’t help but ask Curry what kind of story he wanted to tell with Leia, which supposedly takes place in the summer of 1996.

“People definitely grow. She’s grown over the summer alone, so I’m sure she wants to go back to Point Place next year, but she can also find herself,” the actress said. I think what Gwen has taught her will get her out of her comfort zone and maybe she’ll come back feeling more confident and more confident in herself. She’s probably had a lot more new experiences.. met new people while she was gone.. yeah it’s really nice to see what she’ll be like when she comes back I’m looking forward to it.”

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Mace Coronel as Jay Kelso (left), Sam Morelos as Nicky, and Maxwell A.C. Donovan as Nate in Source: Netflix

Mace Coronel (left) as Jay Kelso, Sam Morelos as Nicky, and Maxwell A.C. Donovan as Nate in “That ’90s Show.”

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‘That ’90s Show’ Season 1 will feature a number of guest appearances from ‘That ’70s Show’ cast members.

If you’re still wondering about That ’90s Show, most of the original cast members and some of the supporting characters will be returning for guest spots during the new series’ first season.

Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp will return as Red and Kitty Forman respectively, as the new series will largely take place in the same house.

But Wilmer Valderrama as Fez, Mila Kunis as Jackie, Ashton Kutcher as Kelso, Topher Grace as Eric and Laura Prepon as Donna will also return. In fact, the series centers around Eric and Donna’s teenage daughter (played by newcomer Callie Habelda). Star Wars his geek Eric named Leia.

Meanwhile, Netflix released a clip showing Don Stark reprising his role as Foreman’s former neighbor Bob Pinciotti. .

That 90’s Show Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix


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