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If gamers are in your house, might someone be playing Call of Duty: Warzone? This new battle of royale mode for Call of Duty is the modern warfare multiplayer launched on the 10th of March, just before the lockdown started in the US and across the globe, along with lavicheats.

However, more than 50 million times, people downloaded its free-to-play version in its first month and learned their lavicheats. Henceforth, self-isolation and social distancing contributed to Warzone’s success. Particularly with other household members and parents, it has come to the attention of many people about this game and its obsession. Thus, Warzone penetrated the mainstream, just like Fortnite.

Although it is a compelling game, yet a difficult one to win. One hundred fifty players are there in a fight to end it. However, it depends on you if you want to play alone or in a team of 3 or 4 squadmates; note that only 1 one of those teams is a winner.

Call of Duty Warzone is an online PVP game that is quite hard because it is an FPS game. Henceforth, it is not easy to enhance your abilities because many use lavicheats to win the game. However, lavicheats make it impossible for the opponents to kill you. However, to master this game, it is essential to play it without hacks and cheat codes. Hacks and cheats can also ban you from the game, and you cannot re-enter. The professionals use the aim trainers to warm up before getting into any battle. However, if you are this good at gaming, you can join a more extensive organization or start streaming online to enhance your abilities. Here are some tips you might want to learn to master the game.

  1.  Play as per your strength: let us be clear and frank, Call of Duty is hard even if you learn the lavicheats, and not everyone might pull off repeatedly headshots with a sniper. Similarly, not everyone might wipe an entire squad with one clip of their armament. It takes a lot of time to practice to reach that point; subsequently, play as per your strengths till then. Some of the players are good at SMGs, and others play aggressively and so on. However, you need to have your own pace and play style and own it the way it is. Do not worry, as it would take time to figure you out, and once you do it, you will find that the flow of matches will lean in your favor.
  2. Never shoot till you are sure of securing the elimination: This is the best one where even the veteran gamers make the blunder of shooting an enemy as soon as they see them. It is feasible to see why; however, it alerts the enemy in opposition in certain situations and allows them to take cover, prepare for retaliation, and plate up. Instead, wait till there is less cover for the opposition to hide and be sure of no other people nearby who can come up for a backup. It is highly advised to avoid taking shots unless you are an experienced player and are sure that you can pull off the kill.
  3. Landing in the right spot in a win-win situation: while it was evident that it is essential to be perfectly accurate while shooting, it is equally essential to choose the best landing spot, i.e., an area that ideally works according to your playstyle. Places such as hospitals and superstores are busier, and other places like the edges of the map are not as busy as the latter ones. Some areas feel like home to many contracts that we might review below. Scavenger contracts are mainly used; subsequently, keep this in mind while choosing your landing spot. It also helps to base your beginning point on the trajectory of the plan as per the first cycle.
  4. Tweak your settings: there are multiple settings to change before starting the matchmaking process to make things feasible for yourself. Under the game, set SCRO (Sprint Cancels Reloading) to On for you to take evasive action quicker, TBO (Turbo Building to On), and ASTRO (Auto Sort Consumables To Right to On) for helping with the inventory management to throw up the structures without pressing the button repeatedly instantly. ‘Controller Options’ set CARO (Controller Auto-Run to On) for you to double click the left stick to instantly run forward along with other things like checking the map. Lastly, under “Wireless Controller,” you can set the Build Controls to the Builder Pro configuration to select multiple building pieces for them to construct on the fly.
  5. Make the right start: you might see many Named Locations over the map, and most players initially head there because these places have the most loot. Consider a place to land with a decent distance until you want to instantly get into a scrap away from the battle bus route and not too built up. However, stay prepared to switch destinations and be on the lookout around you to spot other players that have an aim on the same section. Remember that your glider opens automatically if you drop a height above the ground. Henceforth, aim for the tiniest spot to eliminate gliding prematurely.
  6. Choose the best gear: gears and weapons are the essential items you have to get your hands on because, without them, you cannot inflict much damage and defeat the enemy standing between Victory Royale and you. Items have colour codes and can be instantly identified as:

– grey is common

– green is uncommon

– Blue is rare

– purple is epic

– orange is legendary

– gold is mythic

Rare weapons have more damage, so it is better to swap if you see any rare weapons. Ensure a ranged weapon while making your arsenal during the match, i.e., bow or an assault rifle, shotgun, SMG (a close quarter weapon), or something explosive to cover all your bases while putting down your enemies.

Happy gaming



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