'Bringing Up Hip-Hop' Sam Imprisoned - Details Inside

‘Bringing Up Hip-Hop’ Sam Imprisoned – Details Inside

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WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop, which focuses on the personal and professional lives of select descendants of hip-hop royalty, is known as a drama extravaganza. Over the past seven seasons, fans have witnessed family quarrels, catty girl drama, and nasty rumors tear apart friendships.

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Avid viewers of GUHH would agree that Egypt Chris’ current husband, Sam Matic, is often at the center of the drama. Sam has been known to rub people the wrong way – from being rumored to reach out of Egypt to starting problems with various cast members – lately he’s had bigger problems. Those keeping up with the show know that Sam may end up in jail for the brawl.

So how long is Sam Matic’s prison sentence? Here’s all we know.

Sam Matic

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Sam Matic’s prison sentence reveals he could spend more than 10 years in prison.

If you don’t have time, don’t commit crimes.

In GUHH’s Season 6 trailer, Sam detailed his legal issues. “They’re going to beat me in 10 to 15 years,” Sam said.

Source: Instagram/@samatick

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Interestingly, with Season 7 now in full swing, Sam’s fortunes appear to be unchanged.

The legal system is notoriously slow to move, so we don’t know if or when Sam will appear in court. Additionally, there are no reports that prosecutors made any kind of deal with Sam.

For those who were out of the loop, Sam was charged with four counts of assault with a lethal weapon, according to Urban Bell.

Source: Instagram/@samatick

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Sam was involved in a club brawl after jumping into a brawl where a friend was allegedly attacked. Egypt, who was not charged in connection with the incident, also decided to participate in the altercation.

Treach suspects that Sam Mattick will not be able to care for Egypt and its unborn child.

GUHH fans are already aware that Sam is the father of two children from his previous relationship. Now Sam is expecting a third child with Egypt.

Egypt and Sam receive support from Egypt’s parents, Treach and Pepa, but Treach recently expressed concern about Egypt and Sam’s ability to properly care for their newborn baby.

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Source: Instagram/@omfgrealitytv

In GUHH’s season 7 premiere, Treach decides to talk to Sam at a jewelry store about his reservations about his relationship with Egypt.

“We’ve talked a lot, but now it’s a different scenario, because the baby is about to be born,” Treach tells Sam. “I have never intervened between you and Egypt. She loves you, you love her.

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Treach continues: Like I said, as long as she and everything else is safe. You always tell me she’s happy But the question is… how many children do you have?

After Sam explains that he has two children, one of which is going to Egypt, Treach explains that this is “a new level of adult man.”

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I’m glad #GUHH Treach sat down and told Sam about stepping up and providing for his wife and kids. I don’t know if grown up able-bodied people can feel safe without making money. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Especially if you have kids or kids. Say hello to Treach.

— Aye Yo Jo33 (@Aye_Yo_Jo33) January 26, 2023

smile. Sooo Now Treach Are you worried about Sam and his bs?!When speaking frankly, for example, when he finds out how they met, at the engagement party he made his bisexuality take center stage. It was when.idk, when before the wedding?! #growinguphiphop #GUHH pic.twitter.com/BfmdfmftXi

— Brazen Judge Judy (@Heyyyy_Eon) January 21, 2023

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Treach then explained that if anything happened, Egypt and the children would be welcome to stay with him, but Sam would have to find a place to live on his own.

“How are you going to handle this situation?” Treach asked Sam. “How will you care for my daughter, your children, and your new baby?

Sam Matic

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Sam tried to explain that he wasn’t relying solely on music and was preparing something, but Treach didn’t mean it.

“Dreams don’t pay bills,” Treach tells Sam.

Sam continued to talk about his next fight, but the gig doesn’t pay off. bottom.

As a father, I have no problem with Treach having these discussions with Sam. However, Sam took Treach’s story the wrong way and spoke to Tyran on the January 12, 2023 episode, where Tyran said he understood where Treach was coming from and that Treach was aggressive. He decides to speak to Treach on Sam’s behalf.

How will things end? only time will tell.

Catch new episodes of Growing Up Hip Hop on WeTV Thursdays at 9pm ET.


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