Bride should pay for bridesmaids, says TikTok Bride-tok

Bride should pay for bridesmaids, says TikTok Bride-tok

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It’s definitely hard being single these days. So when someone finds their “person”, it’s easy to see why they’d want to celebrate with a few hundred or so close family and friends. But anyone who’s ever been involved in or attended a wedding knows how much her particular day turns out to be.

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With the high cost of weddings and other day-to-day expenses (have you seen the price of eggs these days?), many brides don’t expect to pay everything on their wedding day. , is starting to ask bridesmaids to invest in events.

One TikToker has vehemently opposed brides not paying for their bridesmaids, causing some discussion on the app.

Claudia Sokolova engagement ring

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In a TikTok video, users debate whether brides should pay for their bridesmaids.

On Friday, January 20, 2023, TikTok user Claudia Sokolova shared a video answering the question, “Should I let my bridesmaids pay for their wedding themselves?”

Claudia, who told her followers that she’s getting married in August 2023, said she wasn’t going to make her bridesmaids “pay for a single thing.”

According to Claudia, the wedding should only be for the couple getting married and not the “financial responsibility” of the bridesmaids. I mentioned that I would be paying far less than being a bridesmaid.

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Claudia then listed many traditional bridesmaid responsibilities including bridal showers, hen parties (aka bachelorette parties), hair, and makeup. She predicted that those costs would set her back at least $1,000 to pay for the wedding.

The bride-to-be also counted the “physical” and “emotional” costs that the job could bring to the party.

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“For those brides who think, ‘It’s a privilege to be my bridesmaid,’ think again,” Claudia said. I am donating my physical and mental energy, so I am asking you to pay on top of that when the wedding is not cheap.

The content creator further explained that she never felt “comfortable” paying thousands of dollars for an event she was invited to. concluded.

“It’s not just about you,” she assured me. “Just because it’s your day doesn’t mean they care more than you do. Only you. As a bride, no one cares more about your wedding than you.”

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Many TikTok commenters agreed with Claudia’s video.

Claudia’s 2:57 video was controversial for her comments. Initially, most of her comments were from users who agreed that the bride should cover the costs of the bridesmaids and cover the costs of the party.

“I thought it was normal for the bride to pay for everything, but I was surprised to hear that some people had to pay for their own dress 😳,” said one user. rice field.

“I was the bride of 2021. I paid for everything down to the underwear, but when it was my wedding I couldn’t ask for a cent,” another bride said.

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TikTok commenter on Claudia Sokolova's account.

TikTokers, on the other hand, disagreed that bridesmaids should pay for some, if not all, of their luxuries. One user said he believes all bridesmaids pay for their parts and plans to have bridesmaids do the same for their 2024 wedding. However, some believed that the bridesmaids and the bride should split the cost 50/50, or at least have the money for their own dress.

Ultimately it’s up to every bride (and their pockets) how they handle their bridesmaids’ financial obligations, but it’s fair to say that Claudia’s bridesmaids are no problem. The manager’s video has gone viral, so you may need extra coins for your bridal party.


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