Body-shaming, a culture of Pakistani people

Body-shaming or motivation towards having a healthy lifestyle? What and how are you inspiring an already suffering person?

Years of being oppressed by the media, clothing, beauty industry and even friends and family. We may grow out of the discomfort caused by everything, but it will be very hard to forget all that pain.

Sometimes you need body-positive merchandise to uplift your mood, just by 1%.

Stressing out over the food you have eaten will cause much greater damage to your health than the food itself. Confidence breeds beauty.


“haye Allah kitna khaati ho tum (Oh my God, you eat a lot)”

“Pictures mein to itni smart aati ho? (you look smart in pictures).”

“thora khaya kro na (consume less food)”

“khud pay reham kro, shaadi kon kery ga tumse? (have mercy on yourself. Who is going to marry you?).”

“tauba hay bai, jisam dekho kesy phel rha hy!”

Body-shaming and people?

Hey you, yes you! Can you not stop passing comments? Maybe the person you are giving comments on is suffering from internal problems already? Or perhaps they have got the broader bone. They can’t be as smart as you are. Has someone made fun of you for being this slim? Is it a tag for being beautiful? Or the society won’t accept a fat person and has taken you already?

Your body needs as much as the love you give to others. Have you ever realized this fact? Your body is always surviving with you. It is trying to keep you alive and move on in your daily routine. It ensures you breathe while you sleep, fixing broken bones and finding ways to beat the illness that might get you.

It needs your acceptance and love. Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve a set weight target and an ideal body shape that society will accept. It comes from embracing the one you already have. You can work on it but not starve yourself to death to get the ideal body.

Some people are not getting the memo, though it is 2k19, and people are more educated and aware of many things. Body positivity is about respect, not who you think is more beautiful, attractive and healthy.

Reasons to obesity

People keep body-shaming others yet ignore many vital points. Many people are fat/obese because:

  1. Genetics
  2. Medication side effect
  3. Hormones
  4. Slow metabolism
  5. Illness
  6. Pregnancy issues
  7. Stress eaters
  8. Body structure

“She is skinny; she needs to gain weight. Bachy kesy paida kro gi agar kuch khao gi nahi?”

“Bohat moti ho bachy kesy paida kro gi? Lose some weight!”

“aise nahi smjh ayegi. Miyaan bahir moo maray ga or aurtoo mein tb rona beth k”

Oi! Stop being judgmental.

A skinny would give birth to a child with the will of Allah, and the same for the fat lady you were making fun of.

You need to stop judging and poking your nose in other matters.

All bodies need to be respected as they hold a full fledge human being that strives to survive in this barbarian world full of jokers and senseless human beings.

Work on your body for your health and happiness, not to make the world happy.

Sexy is a mindset, and we need to change our mindset accordingly.


Bakhtawar S Usmani

I am an all-rounder in a world full of barbies! Keeper of multiple birds and cats. I may make punctuation mistakes, but they come up for turning into a crore or two extra. Thus, a well-placed crore seems a better choice for me.

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