Blind Archery- motive of Muhammad Ijaz Khaliq

Abdul Khaliq (late), also known as the bird of Asia (Parinda e Asia) came from a small village of Chakwal to set a record in sprint racing and got this title from the Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. He dubbed him “the flying bird of Asia” upon winning a gold medal for 100m and a silver medal for the 4×100 rally race.

After his father, Muhammad Ijaz is on breaking records and eager to make a name like his father. He had been thinking of something unique in games to set an example in this entire world. While thinking of something, he thought of choosing a game that has been played and liked by our Holy Prophet (PBUH), ARCHERY. A few days back, he gave a proposal to the Secretary of the archery federation for blind archery, upon which he got mocked for supporting and thinking about blind people- the irony of our society. A person on his own cannot do anything without any experience or strategies.

He started building strategies by practising blind archery by tying a piece of cloth on his eyes and setting his arms and legs according to the special stand for special people. And at that moment, feeling the fear of being blind, he took a stand for the blind men. At the early stage, they all feel complex and fear being mocked down, but the coach’s enthusiasm and determination have given them confidence and energy to fight for themselves and mark their positions in the world record.

With a lot of hope, energy, and special techniques, he has started training his special players with confidence and courage in Liaqat Baagh Sports Complex in Liaqat Baagh. For this, he has chosen 3 men;

  1. Tanveer: his own student who can feel things approximately to 3-4 m
  2. Waleed: a headmaster in a local school who is a blind player.
  3. Waheed: a resident who has been a part of the Pakistan Cricket Team, is also a blind player.

They all lie in the visual cortex category of V1 and V2.

Usually, the players use their eyesight to shoot the target, whereas these special players use a backhand sight to shoot their target. With the help of a stand (of their height), they are taught by setting their hand and leg on the marked areas to shoot the target accordingly, as shown in the following figures.

To reach the target, 18m, they are taught the readings on the board. The player is considered best if he shoots in the form of sets. Being a blind person this the best achievement. But M. Ijaz, hopeful, says that they will be on the leading list of Pakistani archers and will take them to the international level of archery.

He has been offered some funds and invitations for this purpose.

Earlier, he trained blind girls who played on the national level and kept in view the later game’s success; he is expecting the best results this time too.

While quoting Iqbal’s verse, Muhammad Ijaz said,

“Future depends on the effort you put in, sometimes Allah lets you decide what you want and that is the time you need to put your force in to succeed or back out”.

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