Big Marc and his crew threaten the 405 (exclusive clip)

Big Marc and his crew threaten the 405 (exclusive clip)

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No season of Street Outlaws goes by without heart-pounding thrills, and the current iteration is no exception. Fans are already familiar with the show’s core his cast, but a new challenger is testing the 405 to take the throne.

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Racing game veteran Big Mark leads the enemy formation. So what do we know about him? Get a sneak peek at Big Marc and 405’s showdown in an exclusive clip obtained by Distractify.

big mark

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Big Marc and his crew blackmail the 405 crew in “Street Outlaws”.

Are the 405’s crew ready to face their toughest battle yet?

In the exclusive footage we got, the tension escalates quickly as Big Marc faces off against 405 on the January 30, 2023 episode of Street Outlaws. In a confessional interview, longtime Street Outlaw star Murder Nova said, “There’s no doubt about it. Big Mark and his crew are going to smash our heads off.” explained.

But Murder Nova is confident that the 405 crew can take on the challenge and race on smaller tyres. So can Big Mark and his team outrun the 405 Crew?

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Who is Big Mark in “Street Outlaws”?

At the time of writing, there are few details about Street Outlaws’ new challenger, Big Marc. But that doesn’t mean he’s not banging.

In a YouTube video posted on June 30, 2020, Daddy Dave stole Big Mark’s Ford Mustang and fitted it with new wheels as Mark’s birthday surprise.

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In the video, Papa Dave explained that he and Big Mark have been friends for more than a quarter century. but mocked the Mustang’s wheel choice. By the end of the video, Big His Mark’s friends had given his car a makeover and the whole gang was laughing and laughing.

Fans will have to wait and see what happens when the two Oklahoma crews face off on the asphalt.

Check out Big Marc, Murder Nova, and the rest of the Street Outlaws crew as Discovery airs new episodes every Monday at 8 PM ET.

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