Best cities in UK to visit

The time of the season when you want to visit the United Kingdom and visit the aesthetic places. Here is a list of some cities in UK you would want to visit.


Some two thousand years ago, a Roman legion marching north via England made a fort where two rivers meet. Vikings invaded eight centuries after. Every era left its traces in York; cutting-edge art galleries, interactive ride-through, revamped chocolate factories, Victorian tearooms, cobbled alleys, unmissable Medieval Minister, haunted pubs, and museums. There are multiple reasons to visit York, one of the best cities in UK. Some of them are: 

–         York minister: if you think you have stamina, test it on the 275-step spiral stair up to the top of the city, i.e., the top of York Minster’s Central Tower. It is so immense that it can easily swallow the Leaning Tower of Pisa whole.

–         The contemporary art scene: the multitude of makers and artists working in York are way too creative as their medieval counterparts. Besides, the annual Open Studio showcases all the things from felted animal collages to salt-glazed vases.

–         A wander down the shambles: with its overhanging half-timbered houses, these photogenic medieval streets inspired the designers to build Diagon Alley for the famous Harry Potter series. Now the narrow once was full of 15th-century butchers’ cobbled lane brims with vintage cafes and artisanal chocolatiers (do try serving freshly baked scones and Flax and Twine above the little antique store). It is easier to imagine the Ollivander’s wand shop tucked between them.

–         A shiver-inducing ghost walk: Europe’s Golden Fleece and the most haunted city, York is its most phantom-infested pub having 15 resident specters. A police officer said he heard funeral music late at night near St Crux Church one day. Meanwhile, down the lane, Bedren Hall is haunted by the murdered orphans where you can hear the scariest stories of the city on the Original Ghost Walk of York. Original Ghost Walk of York is the first ghost walk and now after-dark and spooky offerings.

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It is one of the other cities in UK that is known for its historic places. Windsor is an impoverished area and historic market in the Maidenhead and Royal Borough of Windsor, England, close to London. One of the official residences of the British Monarch, it is also the site of Windsor Castle. The town is located 21.7 miles west of Charing Cross, 15.8 miles (25.4 km) east of the county town of Reading, and 5.8 miles (9.3 km) southeast of Maidenhead. It is in the South of River Thames, forming its boundaries with Eton’s smaller and ancient twin town. Just over 2 miles to the South, the village of Old Windsor predates what is not called Windsor by nearly 30 decades. Previously, Windsor was known as New Windsor to differentiate both.

New Windsor was nationally dominant in the Middle Ages and one of the fifty wealthiest towns in the UK by 1332. The prosperity it gained was because of its close association with the royal household. The continuous investment in the castle brought London merchants like spicers, goldsmiths, mercers, and vintners to the town in the 13th century, with multiple employment opportunities for the townsmen. The progress of the castle between 1350 to 1368 under Edward III was the most significant secular building project in the UK of the Middle Ages. Many of the Windsor people brought wealth to this town by working on this project. Although the building projects of Edward III brought money to the town, it doubled the population, too, whereas, in 1348, Black Death had reduced some towns’ populations by up to 50%. This was an incredible boom time for Windsor’s economy. People from different parts of the country came to Windsor to settle down here. With the rebuilding of St. George Chapel, the progress of the castle continued in the late 15th century. Especially for Londoners, Windsor became a major pilgrimage destination.

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It is one of the cities in UK that is a metropolitan borough in England (Merseyside). It is the 10th biggest district with a population of 498042 (in 2019), and its metropolitan area ranks 5th in the UK with a population of 2.24 million. Liverpool historically lay within the ancient hundreds of West Derby located east of Mersey Estuary in Lancashire. A city in 1880, it became a borough in 1207 and independent of the newly-made Lancashire County Council in 1889. Along with freight, raw materials, and general cargo, merchants were also in the slave trade. Liverpool was a major port of departure in the 19th century for Irish and English emigrants. It was also a port of registry of the ocean liners RMS Queen, RMS Titanic, RMS Olympic, and RMS Lusitania; besides, it was home to White star Lines and Cunard.

It was the 5th most visited city in 2019 in the UK and was observed for its architecture, culture, and transport links. This city is associated with music, especially the Beatles (the most influential band of the era). Liverpool ranks second in national museums, art galleries, listed parks, listed building, etc. from 2004 until 2021, multiple areas of Liverpool city has World Heritage Site. The city’s wide range of open spaces and parks is stated as the most critical factor in the state by England’s Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest.

“the most splendid setting of any English city” is how people describe Liverpool as Liverpool Bay 283 kilometers (176 miles) northwest of London. The climate here lies between mild summers, cold winters, and adequate rainfall throughout the year.

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A seaside town in Dorser, Weymouth is one of the cities in UK known for its coastal areas. It is located on a sheltered bay at the mouth of the River Wey with a population of 53,068 and 11 km south of the county town. After Poole and Bournemouth, it is ranked 3rd in the most significant settlement in Dorset. The history of Weymouth stretches to the 12th century, including the roles in spreading the development of Georgian architecture, the settlement of the Americas, and the Black Death. For the Normandy Landings, it was the main departure point during WWII. Weymouth formed a borough before the local government reorganization in April 2019 with the neighboring Isle of Portland. After that, this area is governed by the Dorset Council. Purbeck, Weymouth, and Portland districts are in the South Dorset parliamentary constituency that selects one Member of the Parliament, i.e., The Conservative Richard Drax, in 2021.

Tourism employs 17 percent of the local workforce and is vital to the local economy. Over 469,600 longer stays and over 2 million day trips in 2019 brought 209,560,000 pounds of visitors money into Portland and Weymouth area. Weymouth’s beaches and costs, aquariums, lakes, two shopping centers, and museums are the primary sources of attractions to the visitors. Accommodation for the visitors has guest houses around the town center, hotels on the seafront, camping sites, and caravans out of the town, along with three sites owned by Seaview and Weymouth Bay, Littlesea, and Heaven and British Holidays. in the area of Melcombe Regis are the main shopping malls with two pedestrianized streets St. Mary’s and St. Thomas’s Street, new precinct stretching from St. Thomas’s Street, and shops along the esplanade built in the 1990s to the harbourside.

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One of the most picturesque cities in UK, Bath, is also famous for Roman baths. The town is named after, draws thousands of tourists annually, and is worth visiting. Located 90 minutes by train from London, the Bath is conceivably visited on a day trip from the capital. People also recommend an overnight stay or extended visits to soak up the atmosphere.

Take between 90 minutes and 2 hours direct trains running from London Paddington station to Bath train station located in the center of the town. You will get one ticket for 14.50 pounds if you book in advance and way cheaper if you buy two. The coach company, National Express, runs a service from London to Bath, including other places within the state. The trip is a bit longer than the train journey between three and three-and-a-half hours. National Express offers cheaper fares, i.e., 5 pounds per person.

Apart from all this, Bath is a world heritage site, and the biggest drawcards are its Roman ruins and architecture; the public gardens are way too spectacular. Pick for yourself; Bath has a Postal Museum, Fashion Museum, a Museum of East Asian Art, a Museum of Bath at Work, a Museum of Astronomy, and a Jane Austen museum. Unlike museums in London, you need to pay to enter, but you can attain 2 for one if you travel by train for many. Bath is full of gardens and parks. Princess Victoria opened Royal Victoria Park when she was 11 years old. She got so impressed that she named it “Royal.” The Parade Gardens run with the river near Abbey, where Jane Austen enjoyed the free Sydney Gardens. The Queen’s garden is an excellent place to have lunch and features an obelisk, whereas the hidden gem of the Georgian garden can be accessed from the Gravel Walk at the back of a Georgian house.

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In the late nineteenth century in Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde was imprisoned for homosexuality. He wrote De Profundis while residing there and penned The Ballad of Reading Gaol on his release. A series of artists 2016, Ralph Fiennes and Patti Smith in Reading Gaol, hosted public readings of De Profundis to mark the suffering experienced by Wilde in his confinement. King Henry I of England built Reading Abbey as his final resting place. The Abbey, in its pomp, was one of the most dominant buildings in the state. In 2018, The Abbey Ruins reopened following a major conservation project. The research on the remains of the last un-found King of England continued on the site. Jane Austen studied at Reading Ladies Boarding School, which could be visited on organized tours. Reading has the most prominent river frontage of the local authorities along the length of the River Thames. Reading Festival is the longest-running rock festival in Reading.

As an extension college of the University of Oxford in the 19th century, The University of Reading was founded, now ranked as topmost among the other 200 top universities globally. I was reading the work of some of the best British Victorian architects: Sir George Gilbert Scott, Sir John Soane, Alfred Waterhouse, and Augustus Pugin. 3Bs clearly defined Reading, i.e., bulbs, biscuits, and beer, underpinning its industry in the industrial progress. Palmer’s and Huntley biscuit factory was the biggest in the 19th century.

Duchess of Cambridge, known as Kate Middleton, was born in Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital. She shared her birthplace with Kate Winslett, Ricky Gervais, Jacqueline Bissett, and Marianne Faithful.

Reading Museum is home stitched by Victorian women in Leek, Staffordshire to the only full-scale facsimile copy of the Bayeux Tapestry.

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When you think about the best cities in UK, always the bigger ones spring to mind. While Liverpool may have been the European Capital of Culture and the streets of London may have been paved with gold, only one city in the UK has overtaken all of them and is ranked in the top 10 cities to visit.

Salisbury is located in South West England in Wiltshire county. It is nine miles away from Stonehenge and surprisingly empty of visitors. Well, again, it is still mid of January when skies are dreary and temperatures are freezing. The sole reason everyone bypasses Salisbury is its proximity to Stonehenge. Can any other place be this famous, intriguing, or mysterious?

It is not only a stop to have lunch but, more than that, one of the country’s most critical places. In short, it can be said that it is the best city for tourism in the UK.

Magna Carta makes this city famous, and Salisbury always prepares to give it a grand birthday party yearly. It is one of the most critical documents in English history, and only one out of four copies exist. Magna Carta formed the law and was signed by King John of barons.

The cathedral was built in the 13th century and had the tallest spire in Britain. It is the tallest masonry structure at 404 ft. high and was completed after an entire century the cathedral was completed. The cathedral had over 70,000 tons of local stone and took 36 years to complete. It was back-breaking work for the laborers.

If you fancy a few swift ones, there is plenty of choice with over 80 pubs in a relatively small town. The good news for the discerning ale drinker is that Hop Back, the local brewery has several pubs that are a great pint to everybody.

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One of the most popular destinations in England for a beach holiday is Bournemouth. It has all the character and charm of a classic British seaside resort. Bournemouth wows the crowds in Dorset on the south coast with miles of scenic coastline and golden sandy beaches. The town is well known for its association apart from its beaches, with literature and music.

Bournemouth is famous for its piers built in 1889, renovated, and flourished in 2009. It is a Grade II-listed site and 230 meters long. The public declared it the Coolest Pier in 2009, and the following year it was declared as the Pier of the year by the National Piers Society. Bournemouth Pier is another one that is over 300 meters long. It is a family-friendly place for amusement and other activities. It is the iconic landmark appearing on different postcards attracting half a million people per year.

An average of 7.7 hours of sunshine is what Bournemouth gets on a summer day. With 7 miles of sandy beaches and 7.7 hours of sunshine a day, it attracts over 7 million visitors to its sunny shores every year.

The Beatles were die-heart fans of the seaside town. Bournemouth is the UK town after London and Liverpool, which hosted the most concerts by the Fab Four. At the Gaumont cinema, the band was playing gigs in the town, now known as Oden. Bournemouth was the first public beach hut in England in 1909. The oldest hut number is 2359 and has a blue plaque outside. Along Bournemouth beach, there are nearly 2,000 beach huts, around 10 percent of all in England.

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Located in South West of England, on the Dorset Coast, Poole and Poole Harbor is the best resort to visit. It attracts sunshine in the summers. Apart from that, it does not matter what season is on, every one of them is equally enjoyable. Poole consists of a Ferry Port where you can take one day trip to Jersey, France, and Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

Along the seafront of Poole in the bay, there are numerous yachts berthed and sailing boats. The beauty of the sea is removed and less attractive when the tide is out at its farthest point, or the tide is in it is quite an attractive place to be at, and that is what cannot be altered because nature it is. You can get on a Ferry across to Studland Beach, Nature Reserve, and Sandbanks from Poole. Return to Poole after spending some time on the beach or strolling away on the shoreline, with the Ferry operated mechanically and driven by a chain attached at both the ends. The crossing takes a few minutes and is considerably short. The return fare is easily affordable and reasonable to the ones having a tight budget.

There are shops selling gifts, snacks, newspapers, and refreshments at the seafront and Poole Harbor. If you want to shop on a bigger scale, Poole town is your way to go having a quadrant shopping center with well-known retail shops. Near to and overlooking the sea, just a brief walk back from the ferry point to the inland, large bungalows, and upmarket houses are commanding a very high price to those who want to live there. Residents include high-five people such as Max Bygraves.

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London is one of the cities in UK. It has been a significant settlement for two millennia down to the North Sea in southeast England at the head of a 50-mile (80 km) estuary, Standing on the River Thames. The Romans founded the City of London as Londinium and retained boundaries close to its medieval ones as its ancient core and financial center. London” has also referred to the metropolis around this core since the 19th century, historically split between the counties of Essex, Surrey, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, and Kent, making up London.

London is a vibrant and exciting city with unlimited possibilities. London is culturally diverse as one of the world’s leading global cities and serves its inhabitants with plenty of dining, entertainment, and career advancement opportunities.

For these reasons, it is a famous city for ex-pats from across the globe. You are in for a grand adventure if you want to make a big move to London, UK’s capital city. There are plenty of things to consider, like finding a job, a place to live, and other legal aspects. More than that, you need to calculate your finances and work on budgeting. It is one of the most expensive cities to live in; hence, you need more money to make adjustments and live peacefully.

As one of the world’s global cities, London strongly influences commerce, education, arts, communication, tourism, media, health care, fashion, entertainment, and finance. Its GDP is one of the major financial centers globally, making it the most prominent urban economy with €801.66 billion.

It has Europe’s most significant concentration of higher education institutions, London School of Economics in social sciences, Imperial College London in natural and applied sciences, and the comprehensive University College London. This city is called home to 5-star hotels across the globe. It also hosted the three Summer Olympic Games.

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I hope you would have the best tour and vacation.


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