1. Benefits of green tea. 
    “Green tea is assumed to be the healthiest and most consumed drink all around the world after water. It is generally the least processed type of tea among all. That is why it is considered very beneficial for human health. Right intake of green tea can cause many favorable health benefits to the human body which are discussed below.


Medicinal benefits of green tea:-

1.Best support and movement:-
Extracts of green tea contain polyphenols that prevent inflammation and swelling. It also shields the bones and prevents the degradation of joints.

2.Effective brain functioning:
Green tea contains caffeine, which aids in the improved and effective functioning of the brain.

3. Lowers the risk of cancer:-
Antioxidants present in green tea may lower the risk of some cancers.
Catechins are beneficial for the decline in the growth of bacteria, probably lowering the risk of infection.

4. Weight loss benefits of green tea:-
Modern research says that green tea can be a great source of burning fats and increasing metabolic rate.

5. Green tea helps in burning fats:-

Caffeine present in green tea acts as a tonic that helps in fat burning. Overall study shows that green tea intake can make a human body burn 85 to 100 extra calories per day. Drinking green tea after two hours of having meals can cause good digestion and reabsorption of food.

6. Green tea benefits for skin:-

Green tea contains anticoagulants. That is why it helps to relieve skin infection and skin allergy. Mask of green tea leaves can alleviate sunburn and minor hurts.

7. Treatment of acne and scars:-

The use of green tea can be a good treatment for acne and scars because of its anti-microbial properties. It can also help to unclog skin pores.

8. Green tea mask:-

Mix one tablespoon of powdered green tea leaves with a half teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply onto the face and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse off with tap water. It will help you look fresh. It will aid in reducing dark circles and swelling of the eyes. Regular use can make your skin more glowing and can reduce acne and pimples.

What is the best time to drink green tea for weight loss?

Research shows that morning is the best time to drink green tea. You can also take it half an hour before your workout. Also taking it too early on a fasted mouth can be harmful.

Green tea before bedtime 

Drinking green tea before bedtime is principally not a good idea for some people because caffeine present in green tea can disturb sleep. On the other hand, the anime present in green tea can induce supernatural sleep in many people. Even so, intake of tea on an empty stomach can negatively affect the liver because it contains a high content of catechins.

How many cups of green tea should you drink a day?

According to modern research, consuming three to five cups of green tea per day is considered as a safe limit, and undoubtedly it seems to be optimal to obtain the most health benefits.

What if you drink more than eight cups of green tea per day? :-

If you will drink more than eight cups, it may harm you because it is beyond the safe limit. High doses may result in severe health issues. Although the exact amount will vary from person to person because every person has a different metabolism