Under the shining stars in the shadow of the moon, with the rustling of leaves and the gale outside.
She gathered courage but sighed.
The autumn leaves, tiny fragments of barks and the silver moon,
She was the flower that refused to bloom.

Oh, you girl, why are you wretched?
Don’t despair of these sorrowful moments.
Because you’re precious and a cherished soul,
This rueful era will pass on, and you’ll be jovial.

But deep inside the mind and soul, she decided to grow.
Learning the subtle difference between sorrow and glow,
Letting this nostalgia withdrew tonight,
And waiting for the fortune that’s about to arrive,

The moment she decided to change everything, it was the moment of breakthrough and elevation.
Then she chuckled and strolled away,
Those days were the lesson, and she was the learner.
But she became an achiever, strong believer, and doer.

Remember bowing down her head even she received the bestowal.
The voice inside her spoke gently, what’s right for you, listen to.
Because little girl from nothing to something remember
You’re a shining star that shines bright on the sky.