Basics of Writing Formats

Everything revolves around the industry jargon, and the one who excels in it is considered the king in this field. However, writing is somehow easy and can be polished by practice. Yet, there are some tips and tricks that many writers fail to understand; thus, they make mistakes that do not let them move forward in the industry. 

You can hire anyone and ask them to write your research paper to sort out your issue, but it has later consequences.

The point here is that writing formats are neither rocket science that will take extraordinary efforts to understand nor a piece of cake that would be easier for you to do. Initially, the challenge looks terrible, which makes you feel tired. But it is not and is pretty easy to do. To do this, try to use the golden key to unlock this hurdle.


Understand what writing is and how it works. The script is genetically pursued or inherited as a passion. Learning and passion are the keys to a successful career because not everyone can be a writer. It is not everyone’s piece of cake. You can only work in this field if you have a passion for writing and know how to write.  

Writing meaningful sentences, lines, and paragraphs that make the reader understand the context correctly is excellent. Henceforth, being a writer or learning it, the writer should have a firm grip on its ins and outs. They should know the perfect way to express their views via writing by addressing the audience and listeners.

Writing Formats:

Here are some writing formats that can help you understand the basics easily.

·   Article: 

Articles generally cope with general topics, and their word count varies from 300 to 1000.

·  Descriptive Essay: 

An essay that describes the characteristics and traits of objects, people, feelings, and events in intricate detail is known as a descriptive essay

·  Dialogue

Discussion over something between two people is known as dialogue. 

·  Data Entry: 

General copy-pasting or entering some entries in MS office is known as data entry 

·  Essay: 

The explanation of a particular topic with immense research is known as an essay

·  Formal Letters: 

Formal letters are written to special people

·  Informal Letters: 

Informal letters are written to fellows

·  Non-Classified/Display Advertisements: 

The publicity of any brand is called advertisement. 

·  Notice: 

Official letters that are sent for official purposes are called notices

·  Paragraph: 

A little description of any topic

·  Story: 

The narration of something by connecting one sentence with another by involving proper characters, plots, and twists

·  Summary: 

Abstract of something well-explained

·  Academic writing: 

Abstract of the entire course in the form of essays, review papers, and research papers

·  SEO: 

Search engine optimization. It helps ranking websites and other stuff over Google

·  Blog Writing: 

Blog writing is one of the basic writing formats that are used for storytelling or little explanation of anything. It varies from 300 to 500 words.

There are other fields too. All of them are different and have different values in the industry. You need to explore yourself and see where you fit in. 

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we will discuss all the formats in detail. Till then, you can ask questions in the comment section.


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