'Bachelor' Frontrunner Greer's Blackface Controversy Explained

‘Bachelor’ Frontrunner Greer’s Blackface Controversy Explained

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Alison Hunt - Author

The first episode of The Bachelor just premiered, but we’ve already had our first controversies.

First impression roses are always coveted, but rarely do we get them because they automatically shoulder the target. They’ll reveal everything, and they did just that with Greer Blitzer.

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We all saw Greer make a great first impression of Zack in the season 27 premiere, and the episode was barely over when the US Sun reported on an old tweet from Greer defending blackface people. I was. Wow.

Here’s the breakdown of all the drama.

Here is Greer Blitzer’s account of the blackface controversy:

Tweet by Greer the Bachelor

In 2016, students at Lamar High School in Houston, Texas (the high school Greer attended) got in trouble for dressing up as Tupac to a blackface Halloween party. Greer took to Twitter to defend the person in a now-deleted tweet, calling what happened silly but not racist, saying, “I’m better than black people.” She didn’t black herself because she felt it.”

Another tweet said, “The students involved didn’t even know what blackface was…it wasn’t a deliberate act of racism.”

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Greer is also a Trump supporter.

Greer the Bachelor Trump Support

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Greer later apologized on Instagram.

In response to the tweet’s revelation, Greer posted an apology on her Instagram story, writing:

“The journey to love is full of lessons, and these lessons are also in our journey of growth. Specifically, in 2016, I made a false argument on Twitter to defend a blackface student dressed as Tupac on Halloween.”

Greer The Bachelor Controversy

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Greer’s apology continued:

“My deepest apologies to those I have hurt, especially those in the black community. Not because these screenshots have reappeared, but because I have shared those hurtful opinions at all. The time and age is mine.” I do not condone the behavior, but this is not remorse.I did not endorse or condone the harmful opinions or behaviors that I shared at that stage in my life, and I did not make those offensive remarks. I will forever regret it.

It’s hard to believe that ABC didn’t know about this, because this information is too easy to find. Especially since a similar issue has happened before with a previous contestant (see Rachael Kirkconnell for reference). It’s almost as if the ABC powers want to release this information, and it would be better for the drama if it was released on the show.

Be sure to catch The Bachelor every Monday night at 8pm ET on ABC.

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