Are Nikki and Pauly D still together? Rumors suggest a split

Are Nikki and Pauly D still together? Rumors suggest a split

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It’s been a long road for Nikki Hall and Pauly D. The pair, who first met on her Double Shot at Love on MTV, have been fan favorites from the start. Audiences loved the Jamaican beauty and the chemistry her Jersey Shore OG puts on camera and came to root for their success.

The pair had some difficult times, including Pauly D deciding not to get into a relationship with Nikki first at the end of Double Shot at Love season 1, but the pair have since faced new relationship issues. overcame the

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Since October 2020, Nikki and Pauly D have been solid. Fans speculated that the pair were taking their relationship to the next level with an engagement. I’m wondering if I’ve decided

So are Nikki and Pauly D still together? Here’s what we know.

Pauly D and Nikki Hall

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There’s no reason to believe that Nikki and Pauly D split.

Yes, most reality TV couples actually have a reputation for not making it long.

Devoted fans may point out that Nikki and Pauly D rarely post with each other on their respective Instagram pages, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is over.

Rather than consistently posting about their romantic partners, some celebs simply use their Instagram accounts to promote themselves, their brands, and their partnerships. I simply prefer to keep the relationship out of the public eye as much as possible.

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Nikki posted a cute TikTok of herself and Pauly D on New Year’s Day 2023. The video began with Nikki giving Cardi B’s trendy voice about meeting next year.

When Nicki said, “See you next year, maybe not,” she stepped away from the camera to reveal Pauly D standing behind her. Afterwards, the DJ twirled her Nikki and took a few dips in a matching black ensemble while laughing.

It doesn’t look like a broken up couple to us.

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Pauly D and Nikki Hall

Will Pauly D and Nicky get married?

A love story from a reality show that everyone loves that transcends love and marriage. Pauly D and Nikki have been in the spotlight for some time now, but marriage isn’t their focus now.

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In an interview with Us Weekly in September 2021, the couple made it clear they were in no hurry. they simply enjoy each other.

“There’s no pressure to do what’s next,” Nikki said of their relationship.

“I think we’re pacing ourselves,” said Pauly D. “I really enjoy being with her and enjoy it every day.

“I think the fans are definitely supportive,” Nicky said. “They’re obviously a lot of people rooting for us. They always want more. So we understand, but when it comes from so many people, it’s cringe. I feel like I am.

And you have it! Pauly D and Nikki are rock solid and continue to navigate the relationship on their terms.


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