Are Nathan and Skyler from 'Love After Lockup' still together? (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Are Nathan and Skyler from ‘Love After Lockup’ still together? (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

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It’s not easy for Love After Lockup couples to move from being romantic pen pals into real-life relationships. And in an exclusive clip acquired by Distractify ahead of the Jan. 20 episode, Nathan and Skyler hit big speed his bump together on the outside for the first time in their lives.

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So after the post-lockup love, are Nathan and Skyler still together? Like many couples on the show, Nathan and Skyler spent a good portion of their relationship with one of them behind bars. So both Nathan and Skyler are doing it while not only adjusting to post-prison life, but also their relationships. increase.

Skyler and Nathan in

Source: WE TV

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Are Nathan and Skyler from ‘Love After Lockup’ still together?

Both Nathan and Skyler were in prison at different times. But before Skylar was released, Nathan had big plans for their future. But things look complicated as Nathan’s jealousy streak kicks in and Skyler’s stubbornness only makes things worse. In some ways, though, the Love After Lockup couples seem almost perfect for each other.

Skylar’s Instagram is private, but her bio says that Nathan is her “heart,” with a heart emoji. Nathan also mentions Skylar in her Instagram bio, and he has a few posts dedicated to her as well. So for now, it’s definitely possible that the couple is still together.

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Viewers have seen Nathan continue to adjust to life outside while dealing with his insecurities regarding Skyler now that he’s out of prison. It looks like

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Nathan has a jealous streak in ‘Love After Lockup’.

In the Love After Lockup clip, Skylar and Nathan are on a date when a male friend calls them. Nathan repeatedly hangs up on Skyler’s friend. At one point, his friend asked Nathan not to hang up on him so they could talk, but once again, Nathan ended the call.

“I’ve been waiting so long for me to be alone and have dinner with her and I think it’s really disrespectful that she would do that,” Nathan told producers in the clip. stomach.”

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Nathan in Source: WE TV

Nathan doesn’t seem to fully trust Skylar yet.

Nathan tells his friend that he can call Skyler again and it is clear that this first dinner date since Skyler’s release has been ruined. but the damage is done.

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Skyler explains to the producers that Nathan knows about her friendship, so she’s “not quite sure why he’s freaking out”. The combined need to do so seems to have angered him, but Skyler is determined to stand her ground.

Things are definitely not looking great on the show right now. However, outside of Love After Lockup, Skylar and Nathan may have gotten along well despite their troubles.

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