Are Juliet and Clark still together?

Are Juliet and Clark still together?

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This photo came as a surprise to many, as many fans were unaware that she and Sam were over. Juliet moved on — and she looked happier than ever.

She gushed about him in a March 2022 interview with Life and Style Magazine. He’s just great,” she said.

But after Siesta Key’s season 5 finale, fans wonder if something happened between Juliet and Clark.

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Are Juliet and Clark still together?

Yes, it looks like Juliet and Clark are still going strong. Following the Season 5 finale, Juliet posted an Instagram story and is seen on a flight to Dubai with a gentleman who looks like Clark.

Earlier this month, she also shared a carousel of photos she took in Vegas on Instagram.

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Clark has been adamant about not appearing on “Siesta Key.”

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. real estate agent and LinkedIn-licensed yacht broker Clark didn’t want to add reality star to his title.

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Ok I don’t like Clark so far. Why is he giving Juliet attitude on the phone? He sounds defensive #siestakey maybe Chloe is right maybe he’s hiding something ing

— Nicole (@nicol34x) October 28, 2022

When he first started dating Juliet, it was only natural that he would be incorporated into Siesta Key. And he was. The only problem was that he didn’t seem very excited. Many fans felt that Clark’s reluctance to appear on the show was a red flag. It seems you were thinking

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However, as many wrote on Twitter, Clark can be a supporting partner for Juliet even if he’s not on the show.

Chloe should know that Clark can support Juliet without being on the reality show! #SiestaKey

— Colin Brinkley (@cb_yellowjacket) January 20, 2023

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Clark supports Juliet. He just doesn’t want to be on the show and doesn’t want things misinterpreted or edited for storylines. Relationships should be protected and that’s what Juliette and Clark are doing #SiestaKey

— NB (@Nicole_El) January 13, 2023

However, as the season progressed, many fans began to accept Clarke’s decision not to shoot. His absence from the show was due to the fact that he didn’t want to be on the show. It has nothing to do with the ending of your relationship with Juliet.

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