All About the Exotic Birds- Basic Guide

Love for animals is hereditary. There is no other way you can be an animal lover. My father is an animal lover and has brought different animals for me since I was a kid. I still remember when he bought a parrot for me in a small cage for 50pkr. Yes, you heard it right, 50pkr that in 1995. The joy of having an exotic bird at home was out of the world. However, the fun lasted only a day, as he released the parrot the next morning. 

The same happened in the evening, he returned with another parrot, and the chain continued for quite some time. Later, he added pigeons, hens, rabbits and whatnot. Since then, I have been keen to have pets at home. As I grew up, my interest in animals grew, so I started bringing exotic birds quite often. Now, I own 11 parrots:

  • 4 alexandrine parakeets
  • 2 Indian ringnecks
  • 2 lovebirds
  • 1 cockatiel
  • 2 green cheek conures 

And 2 cats:

  • White Persian doll face
  • Golden Persian and stray mix.

What do exotic birds eat?

How often do they breed?

This one episode is complex to understand as every bird differs from the other, just like human beings. They have different systems and breed at different ages. Some breed as soon as they turn 1, and others breed after 7 to 10 years. 

What kind of cage do they stay in?

Cages differ according to the size of the bird. However, you can decorate the cages according to your choice.

Can exotic birds be tamed?

Yes, exotic birds can be tamed. However, some are fully tamed, and some are not. It depends on the nature of the bird. 

How many species of these birds are there?


There are around 11000 species of exotic birds, out of which the following are well-known ones:

  • The Rainbow Lorikeet
  • The Golden Pheasant
  • The Quetzal
  • The Hoopoe 
  • Bali Bird of Paradise
  • The Atlantic Puffin 
  • The Lear’s Macaw
  • The Kingfisher

If you are a pet lover, especially a parrot lover, you should know these facts about them. I will be discussing all the species separately. Stay tuned.


Bakhtawar S Usmani

I am an all-rounder in a world full of barbies! Keeper of multiple birds and cats. I may make punctuation mistakes, but they come up for turning into a crore or two extra. Thus, a well-placed crore seems a better choice for me.

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