Are you looking for a fantastic yet easy cooking recipe for biryani? That is not only spicy but chatpata as well.  Wait no more because I will tell you a comfortable yet delicious recipe that will make you want to cook it once in every week of the month. Here try this mouth-watering recipe of achari biryani


Oil                                        ½ cup

Onions                                3-4

Chicken                              1 kg

Rice                                     1 kg

Garlic paste                       1 tsp

Ginger paste                      1 tsp

Salt                                      2 tbsp (heap full)

Green chilies                     6

Red chili powder              1 tbsp (heap full)

Crushed chili                     1 tbsp

carom seeds (Ajwain)      ½ tsp

Garam masala powder   ½ tsp

Bay leaf                              2

Green cardamom             4

Tomato                               5

Cumin powder                  1 tsp

Coriander powder            1 tsp

Clove                                   2

Potatoes (optional)          2

Achar masala of packet  1 tbsp (I use Shan or National Achar gosht masala)

Mixed pickled (achar)     ½ cup (I use national mix achar)

Water                                  According to rice (tip in the end)

Yellow powder                  ½ tbsp

Mint                                     As much as you like (1/2 or 1 bunch)

Procedure: –

  1. Soak rice in water for at least 1 hour
  2. Fry onions till they are golden brown in a pot. Take out some brown onions for garnishing in the end.
  3. Now add in ginger garlic paste and fry it for a minute.
  4. Add in chicken, half cup water, salt. Let the chicken change its color.
  5. Add in tomatoes and add in green chilies, red chili powder, crushed chili, carom seeds powder (ajwain), garam masala powder, bay leaf, green cardamom, cumin powder, coriander powder, clove, achar masala, and potatoes.
  6. Once the masala is formed, chicken and potatoes are cooked. Add in water.
  7. Let the water boil and add in mixed pickles. Add in rice
  8. Once the water dries in the rice, top it with mint, brown onions, and yellow color.
  9. Cover the lid and let rice cook completely
  10. Mix the rice well so that color, mint, and brown onions are adequately mixed.
  11. Serve rice with salad and yogurt.


  • Use a measuring cup or a glass for rice. For example, if you have soaked 2 cups of rice. Then use the same cup for measuring water. If your rice is new, then pour in the same amount of water that is 2 cups. But if your rice is old, then use a double amount of water for cooking them. That is, for 2 cups of rice, use 4 cups of water.
  • In step 7, when you add in rice, don’t mix your rice, as they might break.
  • In step 8, when the water dries, mix your rice only once by bringing bottom rice top and top rice to bottom. Check your rice. If it is almost done, then cover the lid and put it on low heat for 5 minutes. If rice is not cooked properly, then cover the top and put it on low heat for 15 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for, go and take the chicken out, soak rice, and start making this mouth-watering biryani. If you have any questions, comment about them right away; however, I am sure you won’t need to because you will be able to create one of the world’s tastiest biryanis.

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