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A Friendly Guide to SEO Writing

Now that you know how to write blogs and articles, the next step is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Knowing how much it takes to write a blog, including the effort of selecting a topic and doing research on it and not getting the expected traffic, can be a more significant letdown.

However, there are multiple ways to combat low traffic, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization); creating great content remains at the top. As a marketer, aim to write content that can rank on the first page of Google; for that, SEO is your bridge.

SEO Content Writing

SEO writing is a method to create optimized content on-page to rank the content on the search engines. It also signals that the content is high-quality and relevant.

The content can be anything online and for a specific audience. The content may include the following:

Alongside optimization and keyword research, it is essential to check if the content is adequately organized. It means that the content must be in a logical order for the viewers to locate it quickly. The best method to do this is to plan the flow of your content and add certain relevant links. Moreover, a sitemap can also help to perform this duty better.

However, creating content is pointless if you will not share it. Ensure a plan for promoting content via social media networking, involve the staff or the brand advocates, and link to relevant content in the emails. You can attain viewers by sharing with a broader network.

If your content does not rank on Search Engine Results (SERP), you will see (CTRs) Clickthrough Rates nosedive to less than one percent. CTR in 1st place is better than the one in 2nd- 18 percent vs. 40 percent clicks.

Now that you have an idea about SEO writing, let’s talk about tips you can utilize while doing SEO content.

Importance of SEO:

SEO uses a bunch of tactics that help increase the visibility of the content, web pages, and web content that aims at a specific audience you want to target. Having SEO in the loop, your content remains relevant and reachable by conducting keyword optimization and research, attracting quality backlinks and internal links, optimizing headings, and writing meta tags.

However, SEO and content marketing should work together to drive traffic and engagement to your blog posts. It’s essential to get your content in front of the right people, which often relies on where it’s positioned as a result of an online search – that means Google, which is the market leader with an 85 percent market share.

What basics do experts tell about SEO writing?

SEO is all about the visibility of your content. However, ensure to tailor your content to your specified audience. It is best to keep the SEO marketing and content strategies at the top to stay ahead of your competitors and look out for better opportunities to make your content recognized. Here are some tips you can keep while working on SEO tasks.

Know about the KPI of your writing

Good SEO writing is much more than including keywords. This is when the content marketing KPI plays its role, as it will determine the end goal of your entire content. You must have content in your marketing mix that can drive people via the marketing funnel from awareness to conversion.


“SEO is a magic intersection of technology and storytelling. “You can tell a powerful story, sprinkle SEO on top of it, and not only will your readers see it but more importantly will search engines, and you will rise to the top of search engines,” says Pamela Foley, Chief of Content Marketing & Strategy at AOU Creative.

For instance, top tunnel content is to drive awareness, including:

  • blog posts
  • e-books
  • infographics

Whereas the bottom one for encouraging conversions includes:

  • demos
  • testimonials
  • webinars

Build a structure according to a set strategy in SEO writing

an essential section of the overall tactic is to make an effective content marketing strategy. You cannot be sure of making relevant content without having such a marketing strategy to drive prospects via the sales funnel to appeal to the buyer’s persona.

There are multiple approaches to a strategy, but the best one is the ‘Pillar and Clusters model,’ also known as ‘Hub and Spoke model.’ this approaches generates content around a broader topic as a hub piece and generates supplementary content linking it to the hub piece.

For instance, let us talk about SEO writing. A hub piece can be explained as: “What is SEO writing?” and a spoke part to link and support it would be: “SEO for bloggers: How can you optimize your blogs?”

This method will help build content on a specific topic, increase keyword rankings, grow KPIs, and drive traffic, including sales and leads.

We recommend our clients use a hub and spoke model to build their content calendars. When search engines crawl your website, they see you’re writing related, relevant content about a subject. The more you write about something, especially if you’re plugging content gaps or providing original information, the higher your search rankings, brand awareness, clicks, etc..” – Nicai de Guzman, Content Team Lead for Wolfgang Digital.

Use research tools to find SEO keywords.

One of the crucial elements of SEO writing is keywords. There are 5 necessary steps that you should consider while searching keywords.

  1. Define
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Filter
  4. Inspect
  5. Prioritize

You can use the research tools to explore and rank keywords after attaining the target list. There are also free tools such as AnswerThePublic and AlsoAsked; however, the searches are limited to the free version. Hence, as a result, you will not be able to attain a more significant volume unless you purchase a premium account.

Paid tools like AHREFS and Semrush are helpful because they give a complete account of competitive insights, keyword volume, etc.

Ensure that the headers are in order

blogs are essential for any merchandise’s content marketing strategy. They let you draw an audience through engaging and relevant content that helps in increasing click-through and dwell time.

However, the users and digitally savvy and require information instantly no-a-day. This is the reason blog headers are necessary. People skim or scan longer pieces of content because they only want relevant and essential information.

Henceforth, to improve the flow of your blog:

  • Improve accessibility
  • highlight what each section is about
  • use headers throughout
  • H1s are essential, followed by H2s and H3s.

Choose the tone according to your industry.

Every industry demands a different tone that works perfectly for them. For instance, a beauty brand might use images and a friendly and upbeat manner. At the same time, a B2B software provider might use an objective and formal approach. 

However, while considering the tone, select it carefully because there is a risqué of turning the customers off. Keep the community in mind and be inclusive to keep a check and balance on the visitors to your social media feed and website. 

“Try different approaches on social media such as bringing in humor or talking about a social issue your brand cares about. You may be surprised at the results,” says Emma Prunty, DMI Editor.

Include external and internal links

Links help in guiding the visitors to other content as well. Henceforth, include external and internal links that will drive the audience to your website. 

Backlinks, also known as external links, are one of the essential parts of SEO because they link your content to your content from third-party websites. More external links drive search ranking and add value to your content. 

If your strategy revolves around third-party links, ensure to use high-quality backlinks to impact your SEO better. “It’s important to have links, particularly internal links so that people stay on your website longer as you’re linking to other articles and pages on your website. High-quality backlinking is not a bad thing as well, as long as you’re actually going to high-quality websites and sharing your information,” comments Foley from AOU Creative.

Write compelling CTAs 

if you have worked hard on creating a blog, ensure that people engage and take action. CTA aims to convert a visitor or a reader into a lead that can be nurtured. Here are some of the CTAs that you can consider:

  • subscribe
  • sign-up
  • learn more
  • get started
  • download now
  • donate
  • get my discount
  • try for free

Different marketers will tell you about content and platforms that are relevant. Every platform and content type has its approach and method. While writing a blog, you are creating a story and taking people on that journey. Henceforth, if you are searching to cover up the SEO section of your website, get in touch with us. 


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