Do you know most of the acidity and weight gain is the result of our breakfast choice? Gastric ulcers, constipation, and weight gain have become commonly faced problems. If you are facing these health issues, this article is for you. Most of our stomach problems are attributed to the diet we eat. It’s essential to pinpoint the foods to avoid on an empty stomach.

To start our day, we need breakfast to boost our energy to keep us moving throughout the day actively and healthily. Missing breakfast might have drastic impacts on health.

  • A person can become more prone to a heart attack if he misses breakfast.
  • The chance of developing diabetes might increase.
  • Skipping breakfast might slow down the performance of metabolism.
  • Energy to do daily routine work drops.
  • Breathing becomes bad.

All foods are not suitable to have in the morning. Some foods have an adverse effect on the body, and one should evade to eat them on an empty stomach. Following is the list to pop the bubble of healthy breakfast we have made in our daily routine.

What are 8 foods to avoid on empty stomach?


As we know, in the morning, the stomach is empty, and acidity is high. Yogurt has a considerable number of lactic acid bacteria that die in large amounts when consumed with higher acidity. Lactic acid bacteria cannot function when it is in a lesser quantity and it lowers yogurt’s health benefits. For better services of yogurt, one should have it after eating some other food.


Though tomatoes have vitamin C that improves immunity, tomatoes are still not healthy to eat on an empty stomach. Tomatoes can cause gastric ulcers because tomatoes have tannic acid. Tannic acid produces an increase in acidity in the stomach, and this acidity results in gastric ulcers. So, it’s better to avoid tomatoes on an empty stomach.


Pancakes bright up your breakfast table and make it look fancy and appealing. However, pancakes are immense in calories, fats, and sodium. A massive amount of sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure and heart diseases. Pancakes are made with refined flour and are layered with sugar syrups that might promote obesity and type 2 diabetes. It is wise to keep pancakes away from your breakfast plate.

Gluten-free packaged food


Who does not love pasta, bread, and baked goods? While having baked products in breakfast with the excessive amount, we forget the bad they do to us. The processed gluten-free food is created with fats, carbohydrates, and sugar low in fibers and proteins and high in calories. Eating gluten-free food can increase weight and appetite. Gluten-free foods are generated with flour that leads to escalated blood sugar and might elevate insulin. The deficiency of dietary fibers in gluten-free food can take us to the extent of constipation and other bowel diseases.

Citrus Fruits

One should abstain from the intake of citrus fruits on an empty stomach. Despite the fact that fruits are always healthy to eat, citrus fruits have a significant quantity of acids to cause acidity in an empty stomach. It can result in gastric ulcers and heartburn. Moreover, a high amount of fibers and fructose in citric fruits can slow down food digestion if taken empty stomach.


No matter what time of the day it is, sodas are always dangerous for health. A healthy diet must not have sodas in it. There is an excessive carbonated water and sweeteners in sodas. The production of sodas entails calories, caffeine, sugar, and fructose in excessive consistencies. Drinking soda causes dehydration because caffeine produces frequent urine and dries out the body. Sodas can cause weight gain, diabetes, and obesity. Due to the copious presence of sugar and fructose. The ingredients of sodas eat away the calcium existing in the body. Furthermore, sodas can cause tooth decay, brain damage, cancer, kidney malfunctions, heart diseases, and skin breakout. To cut off the longing for sodas, keep them away from the compass of the eye.

Green Tea

Green tea is beneficial for weight loss and dropping the cholesterol level. But there might be some issues we can face with having green tea on an empty stomach. Green tea contains tannins that can induce stomach pain, constipation, and nausea. One might suffer from anxiety and sleep disturbances after drinking green tea in the morning. If you feel any of the conditions mentioned above, avoid the intake of green tea with an empty stomach.

Toaster pastries

Toaster pastries should be ward off on an empty stomach because refined carbs and sugar are the manufacturing ingredients of toaster pastries. Once refined carbs disturb sugar level in blood, they can trigger insulin. The low amount of protein and high sugar in toaster pastries can increase appetite, and eventually, food consumption can increase. Toaster pastries are not found naturally, and they count in bakery products, so the empty stomach might not like the idea of toaster pastries.

We eat detritus stuff, we become detritus. It means we become what we eat. All the tasty-looking and mouth-watering foods are not worth eating, especially with an empty stomach. One should avoid these foods on an empty stomach. If our lifestyle encircled around skipping breakfast and moving to work with an empty stomach, we could face alarming consequences. Moreover, unhealthy eating patterns can also elicit severe health conditions. The deliberate and mindful diet plan can reboot our life and leave us rejuvenated.