The new doors of economic opportunities are opened with the recent entry of Pakistan on Amazon’s seller list. After this development, Pakistani SME businesses can bring their products to the global market to increase their sales and generate higher revenues. Other than that, we have these 5 mind-blowing benefits of Amazon in Pakistan which can empower our youngsters and exporters that can ultimately skyrocket the country’s economy.

According to a survey in 2019, analysts reported that small and medium-sized businesses sold about 4,000 items per minute.

That’s what makes Amazon a tempting marketplace for retailers. It is obvious that all retailers, after watching these numbers, would love to consider listing their products on Amazon.

Status of Pakistan’s entry in Amazon’s Seller list

Previously Pakistan was the only South Asian country that was not included in the list, despite being the second biggest economy of the region. The new improvement will ideally put Pakistan on the e-commerce business map, opening up another period of the business boom. As the country will be able to interface its business people and products with a great many customers across the world.


Beneficial Opportunities Coming with Amazon

The best thing about the new improvement is that Amazon will currently give another opportunity to individual dealers to dispatch their items in little packages to shoppers outside Pakistan. This will facilitate them by providing an affordable environment for exporting goods and hence, foster their own brands at better costs. Every Pakistani seller on Amazon would be able to enjoy these 5 mind-blowing benefits of Amazon in Pakistan. Only if products match the required quality recommended by Amazon.

Amazon in Pakistan

1.   Global Expansion: Amazon has a large and growing marketplace

Since Amazon is one of the greatest and most confided in worldwide selling and purchasing stages, it’s not difficult to begin selling in various business sectors. There is something to be said about Amazon’s outstanding reach all over the globe. More than 200 million people shop on Amazon each month.

The site does provide transport facilities to more than 100 nations around the world. It’s simply down to the customers if they’re willing to pay a higher transportation charge dependent on their area.

Benefits of Amazon for SMEs in Pakistan

Amazon is a third-party marketplace, a web-based platform that offers a range of capabilities that connects sellers with buyers. And sellers that are using this platform to market and sell their products are generating extreme revenues regardless of the size of their investment in the process. For instance, during this year’s Amazon Prime Day event that spanned two days, third-party sellers generated $3.5 billion in sales. These retailers are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, but they had record sales that were up 60% from last year.

SMEs will be the major beneficiaries through this development which is one of those 5 mind-blowing benefits of Amazon in Pakistan.

Comparing benefits of Amazon with other online marketplaces

Utilizing Amazon to grow all around the world is definitely simpler when contrasted and most shopping basket frameworks. Magento, for instance, offers Multiple Store sees, however, others expect you to make another shop for each extraordinary language. That is a ton of work without realizing how the item will act around there.

With Amazon, any retailer can rapidly test if the items appeal to the worldwide crowd by making a posting on a neighborhood Amazon. They have you covered for each perspective including global request satisfaction and limited client assistance. It takes the hard work off your shoulders since you don’t have the problem of sorting out nearby installment frameworks, coordination, and tasks.

Benefits of Amazon in Pakistan over other sites

How to expand your business internationally over Amazon?

Anyone can expand beyond borders to foster the widespread sales of the business. And here is a procedure:

Let’s say you’re based in Pakistan, but you like to expand to Europe. Here’s how you could expand internationally:

  •       Select where you want to expand
  •       Register in that marketplace on the website and list your products
  •       Create a plan for shipping, logistics, and fulfillment
  •       Use Amazon’s facilities to manage your business and sales


And Voila! There you go.

2.  Control Sales generation: One of the benefits of Amazon in Pakistan

Every month a huge number of dynamic clients visit Amazon seeking to look for items. Especially, this traffic of customers over Amazon has exponentially increased since the pandemic hit the globe during which world markets remain closed.  Bruce Takefman has reported that Amazon profits increased nearly 200% since the start of the covid-19 pandemic in a research article over Research FDI.

Also, Amazon’s net income has more than tripled to $8.1 billion in the first three months of 2021. This is exceeding the record set in the fourth quarter of 2020, as per reports of digital commerce360. All this revenue growth is due to the incredible sales growth over the online marketplace of Amazon. More and more people are putting their trust in buying from Amazon.

In light of these numbers, we can see that Amazon has become the number 1 spot to go for most customers all over the world. Therefore, Retailers are also willing to list their products over Amazon’s expansive marketplace.

Benefits of Amazon in Pakistan over other online marketplaces

By posting their items on Amazon, each retailer naturally gains validity and trust. That is because a few clients are bound to purchase an item from Amazon instead of from a shop they won’t ever know about. Amazon’s guarantee of greatness and incredible assistance tempts numerous customers into purchasing the items from their site. They probably have had a decent encounter buying on Amazon previously, so your shop naturally profits by that.

Retailers also have an opportunity to grow their sales through multiple strategies over the web-based Market. All of these strategies are basically the solution to the problem that is ‘how to bring your products in the top search results of the Amazon site?


Optimizing the products’ Listings to benefit Amazon

In other technical terms, this process is called optimizing your products’ listing in such a way that its words match the top searched keywords searched by the customers.

More the words match, more is the probability of your products to be shown in the top results to customers. This enhances the chances of increased sales of the topmost product shown in search results.

You can boost your sales with better marketplace listings. It’s easy to integrate with marketplaces, sync orders, and optimize your listings with efficient tools such as DataFeedWatch.

Product listing can promote your business in Pakistan and abroad

The product listing can promote your business in Pakistan and abroad  (Source: repricerexpress)


Acquiring new clients

Discussing more deals, Amazon can help you construct your client base. At the point when customers head to Amazon, their emphasis is ordinarily on discovering items as opposed to a particular store. However, that can work for your potential benefit.

The advantage here is that customers can run over items they’re intrigued by, and in doing as such, find your shop.

When they make that first buy with you, the future lies within your services. In light of how great their experience was, there’s a higher possibility you will see them once more. Beguile them with stunning help and you have a recurrent client.


3.  Ability to access the best quality logistics of Amazon

People in Pakistan have small businesses and cannot afford the high-quality packaging and shipping costs for their products. In this regard, Amazon provides a facility that helps such small businesses to get access to this high-quality logistics at affordable rates. Through Fulfillment by Amazon, one can benefit to sell on Amazon.

Advantages of Amazon’s FBA program

By selling on Amazon organizations can likewise use Amazon’s huge inventory network abilities. If an association chooses to enter Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, they send their stock to Amazon then Amazon oversees the capacity of the stock inside its offices, delivery, and client support (counting returns).

Through this program, a seller’s items can qualify for extremely fast two-day shipping under Amazon Prime. This is a highly valued feature by customers. Prime customers, in this ay experience, as if an order is sourced from Amazon’s own inventory.

Coordination for all this packaging and shipping of the product is tough for even the savviest of retailers. If you have incredible items and haven’t worked out your store network yet then, Amazon can be an extraordinary alternative.

How Amazon is maintaining the quality of Logistics?

Consider this. Amazon burned through $15.1 billion on delivery costs alone in the second from the last quarter of 2020. Even though utilizing FBA includes some major disadvantages it actually empowers you to exploit the elite coordination network Amazon has made and keeps on putting resources into. Here in statistical analysis by Felix Richter, a Data Journalist, over Amazon’s logistics cost you can see how they’re maintaining the quality over time.

Beneficial Logistics of Amazon


As the chart shows, Amazon’s shipment and fulfillment costs have risen over the past decade. In 2009, shipping and fulfillment costs amounted to 15.6 percent of net sales. By 2019, that share had increased to 27.9 percent. (Source: Statista)

How does it work?

With more than 175 fulfillment centers all over the planet, you can send every one of your items in mass to Amazon and they will store your stock, bundle it and boat it to your clients. Simple!

The primary advantage of this is that you don’t need to get stalled with the reasonable items of transportation out items. You can focus on overseeing other significant business activities while cherishing your order increment.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is your stock distribution center, chief, and transporter for an extremely modest quantity, contrasted with what you’d need to pay in any case. It will be one of those great benefits of Amazon in Pakistan which will create a big difference.

On top of liberating yourself from the problem, your items will qualify naturally for Amazon Prime transportation and Buy Box need, which will enormously affect your general deals. Seeing that Prime logo is an incredible motivator to customers.

Amazon Packaging perks in Pakistan

4.      Low promoting costs add in too many perks of Amazon in Pakistan

Amazon as of now pulls in a great many clients to their site day by day, and you gain admittance to them. Depending upon your specialty and how packed the market is you can begin selling from the very beginning with no huge promoting endeavors at all. Since the Amazon site fills in as its own web crawler, customers searching out the items you offer can undoubtedly discover you.

Obviously, the resistance in the competitive online marketplace of Amazon is fierce and extreme you need to stand apart from the other competitors. Having a curated presence will help your endeavors of piggybacking on Amazon’s colossal customer data set. You try to put in effort in optimizing your listings as they can really help you to promote your business.

Having said that, we’re not pushing for you to totally excuse promoting on Amazon by and large as it can raise your position on the query items page. Amazon prioritizes those sponsored products over non-sponsored products. Typically, the ads of sponsored products are shown on top of non-sponsored ones.

If you do choose to promote on Amazon, then let us know in the comments section so that we can help you how to market your Pakistani business, in another blog. However, there are 4 sorts to browse:

  • Supported Products
  • Supported Brands
  • Lockscreen Ads (for book merchants and Kindle Direct Publishing writers)
  • Supported Display


5.      Easy growth in Pakistan’s eCommerce

It’s generally simple to begin selling on Amazon. You don’t need to have your own site. Or, make a coordination organization or worry over getting your items to clients on schedule.

Rather than having an intricate site, it is your item posting pages on Amazon. You just have to promote your store on the site. Maybe seeing Amazon’s moderate item pages makes you weak-willed. Well at any rate everybody is in a comparable situation.

Assuming that coordinating and logistics are your cup of tea then FBA could be a decent alternative. Amazon provides a great delivery service and if you don’t believe then order something for yourself and decide if you like the packaging, delivery time, or quality, and other logistics stuff.

If you’ll like it, then go ahead, provide the same service to your customers as well. But 15 years ago, it was not as simple as it now. Doing business in 2005 was much more expensive than today.

So dear youngsters and exporters of Pakistan, do benefit from these 5 Mind-Blowing benefits of Amazon in Pakistan. But wait up! Are you low on pockets? Are you young? And you don’t have enough money to manufacture products for selling on Amazon? Then don’t worry… we got you all covered here in our bonus tip.


BONUS BENEFIT: Youngsters all over the globe benefit from the Amazon affiliate marketing program. This is completely free to get started with. Also, you can earn up to a 3% commission on several popular categories. If you need to know more about this program, do let us know in the comment section down below