You repurchased bright pink lipstick! Because you lost the last one in your messy room. Right? Sounds familiar? I am pretty sure you want to find all your lost items by now. Well, worry no more, I will make you want to declutter your room and find your lost lipstick in no time. But let’s start with decluttering.

Decluttering your house is to organize your items and get rid of excessive things that you don’t need. It is basically where your home looks neat, tidy, and clean. The excess items or disorganized items in your house make it look quite messy, known as clutter.

In simple words, decluttering makes your untidy house into a neat and tidy one by removing clutter. Decluttering is not a one-time thing but a daily routine of small steps to keep your house clean in the long run. Drop by drop, and little by little, water makes an ocean. Similarly, when we don’t assign a home to your stuff and put them randomly here and there, that’s where clutter starts to pile up. That’s why here I am to tell you easy and practical ways which will help you to keep your house from cluttering.

Before I dive into ways to declutter your house, let me tell you five crucial benefits as to why you must always try your best to keep your home from clutter.

Peace of mind: When your house is full of clutter, it increases stress and anxiety level. You cannot think clearly, and chaos will make your thoughts confused. A decluttered home or room gives you peace of mind. A clean house provides a person with a sense of accomplishment.

Healthy digestive system: When your house is clean, your stress levels and anxiety is low. Due to which you are likely to have a healthy digestive system. When there is too much clutter everywhere, anxiety levels are increased, which affects the digestive system.

Saves time: A clean house can save a lot of your time because you know the place of the item you need. You don’t waste time in searching your lost item all over the house.

Saves money: Due to decluttering, you can save a lot of money as well. To avoid clutter, you don’t buy things you don’t need. You don’t buy something again and again, just because you lost it in a messy house.

Increases productivity: When everything around you is organized, you spend your energy and time on essential things to increase productivity.

Now you know why you must start decluttering right away. Let me tell you quick and easy tips to declutter your clutter.

Buy four baskets: Buy four baskets and name them “Trash, Current Use, Donate, Future Use. Each day pick one room, set a timer on your cellphone, and put whatever you find in these baskets.

Do it daily for 15 minutes: Each day, clean your house for only 15 minutes.

Trash, Donate, Current Use, Future Use: Throw away Trash box items immediately. Put Donate box items in your garage or car so that you can give them away on your way to a job or home to a charity. Put Future Use box items in a cupboard and keep a list of all the things you have in that box. Current Use box items should all be assigned a home (specific place for that item). For example, coats should always be hanged inside a cupboard or the stand. The stand or wardrobe will be home for your coats.

Stop buying new things: Do not buy anything new until you have finished decluttering. As you might be buying something you already have in the house but lost it in a messy house.

Start now: Within a week of following this routine, you will start seeing the difference. Do not wait for the weekend. Start right now. Just take 15 minutes out from your 24 hours.

Last but not least, once you have managed to declutter your house. You must daily follow these five quick tips to stop your home from cluttering again.

  • Take out 5 minutes daily to put things in their assigned home.
  • Do not put off something which can be done immediately. For example, please don’t put a coat on your sofa when you are tired, rather hang it on a stand.
  • Create a shopping list before you go off for shopping and check the Future Use box item list. The List will ensure whether you need to buy a new item or not.
  • If something needs to be mended, then either repair it or trash it within a week.
  • Do not buy things you don’t need, hoping you would use them one day or that a new item at the store is too pretty. Remember, cluttering starts when you buy things you don’t need.

Now, you know why you must start decluttering and how to keep your house free from clutter. So, start today. If you let things stay the way they are, they will soon begin piling and forming a mess. Take little steps daily to avoid overwhelming feelings of disorganized. Staying organized will help you to focus on things that matter—happy decluttering your cluttered house.